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Leading up to February of last year, 2020, Trinidad James sought to highlight black owned restaurants. He noticed a discrepancy in visibility between black owned businesses compared to their contemporaries. Knowing this, Trinidad wanted to use his platform to bring awareness and provide visibility to black owned businesses, specifically in the restaurant industry. He set a goal to eat at one restaurant per day and used social media to capture his endeavors. Trinidad James envisions Blacked Owned Challenge becoming an online series based on the discovery of black owned restaurants that will be a staple within both the food industry and urban communities. 


Black Owned Food Challenge will stop in different cities throughout the month of February showcasing a variety of black owned restaurants to a National audience. With the right sponsor, Black Owned Food Challenge expects to donate $1,000 to ten out of the twenty-eight restaurants Trinidad James visits. Overall, the goal is to start grassroots movements that will advocate for black owned business specifically in the restaurant industry. 
Black Owned Food Challenge is an initiative that aims to encourage communities across the country to buy black. We will highlight each restaurant’s origin and how their presence affects the community. BOFC will champion supporting local black businesses and educate people on specific restaurants they can go to. 



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